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As many are well aware of, energy drinks are a hot topic in the world of health. Many people are convicted that their children are suffering from health complications and some death, as a result of the consumption of a number of energy that are currently on the market. While the companies claim that their product has nothing to do with the death or illnesses of these victims, many health officials believe otherwise. According to US News, research is suggesting that energy drinks are boosting the blood pressure of those who consume them, eventually making their heart more vulnerable to short circuiting.

Doctors claim that that they are still trying to discern how exactly the caffeine in these drinks specifically affects the heart and whether or not it really does increase the chances of heart issues in the future for the consumer. Dr. Michael C. White with the University of Connecticut as the head of the pharmacy unit claims that one or two drinks most likely will not cause a severe health concern. What he did notice after study this topic thoroughly is that the more a person drinks these may cause an increased risk of various health complications. Because this is even a possibility, he has deemed it necessary that more research be done in order to determine if this is true. Essentially, his conclusion is that there are going to be some people who are more susceptible to illnesses after consuming this product whereas others may not be affected at all.

The concern may or may not be the caffeine levels alone that are placed in these energy drinks. Where 6 ounces of black coffee has 100 mg of caffeine, the same size of a Monster contains 160 mg. However, this energy drink also contains a number of other ingredients such as sugar and herbs which doctors believe may be what make the drink a health risk. Another issue to consider is that many people will consume more than one energy in a day in order to keep their energy levels high, therefore exposing them to these potentially toxic chemical compounds at a far higher level when compared to someone who drinks just coffee.

According to recent studies specifically about the increased blood pressure and heart rhythms they found that the more a person drinks the longer their heart intervals raise the chance that the heart will then short circuit. If this occurs the condition could potentially kill a person. One doctor in the study, Dr. Ian Riddock claims that if these studies were discovered for a medication, the FDA would raise many concerns about the matter. He too agrees that it is not necesarily the caffeine in the product that is the culprit for the heart problems, but rather the other ingredients and their combination.

These doctors are addressing the concern that more research needs to be done about these products in order to have a stronger federal regulation to protect the health of individuals consuming these products. At this time there are numerous lawsuits taking place in order to try and prove that these energy drink companies are responsible for the loss of loved ones. One victim recently was a 14 year old girl who died after consuming two Monsters over 2 consecutive days. She allegedly had a preexisting heart condition, though the family is convinced that she was in good health prior to consuming these drinks. With the help of the family’s attorneys they will hopefully be able to prove the wrongful death claim and seek the compensation they deserve for their suffering and the loss of their daughter. If you are in a similar situation, contact Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers today for more information about how we can help you!

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