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Over the last decade and a half, the industry of assisted living for elderly individuals has been booming. Nursing homes and care facilities were originally made for the purpose of helping families who were unable to give their older loved ones the care and attention they needed around the clock. This alternative to living at home was one that was comfortable for the older folk as they were able to be cared for and watched after on a consistent basis. The difference between a nursing home and an assisted living facility is simply that it is when an older person needs some more help for their everyday tasks, but not necessarily in dyer health needs where they required doctors around the clock. Assisted living conditions were intended to be a bit more comfortable and “homey” for the people.

However, as more and more people are in needed of assisted living, studies are showing that even though the patients who are in assisted living homes may not be suffering with terminal diseases, there are many who are still dealing with a plethora of mental issues that are associated with old age such as dementia. With so many more patients suffering with mental health concerns, the facilities are not equipped to offer the care that these elders may need because assisted living homes don’t intend to provide the residents with medical care.

According to A.C. Thompson, a correspondent on the film “Life and Death in Assisted Living,” made to air on PBS, they believe that the people are not educated enough on the laws regarding care facilities and therefore the patients and their families are suffering. Because they are different than that of a nursing home, the laws and regulations vary, making it next to impossible to find them online if you were to look. Many people are left in the dark as to what is taking place in these types of care facilities.

As the industry grows, the regulation in the facilities has become far too lax and many people are suffering as a result. Lack of proper equipment, paired with insufficient staff both in their training and in the total number is having an extremely negative effect on the lives of the patients staying in the assisted living facilities.

Nursing home and assisted living abuse is nothing new, and sadly due to understaffing, often times patients are left neglected and abused because there are not enough people to give them the care they need. Families are paying a lot of money to care for their parents, while at the same time the parents are suffering behind the doors of their “home” that is far from being a home to them.

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