Liberty Mutual Car Accident Claim Denial

Getting in a car accident is already stressful, but Liberty Mutual often makes it even worse. The company is known to deny benefits even when it knows it should pay for damages in an accident. Insurance companies care more about their bottom line than honoring their promises to you. Many outraged Liberty Mutual customers have shared stories about their benefits being denied.

At Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers, we have decades of experience helping accident victims just like you. We know how to seek the compensation you deserve and hold insurance companies such as Liberty Mutual responsible for what they owe under a policy. We will answer some of the frequently asked questions we get from clients about auto accident claim denials from Liberty Mutual.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, we have answers. Our dedicated Louisiana and Texas personal injury lawyers are ready to consult on your case. To help you get started, here are some questions and answers that might help you understand your rights.

1. What Is an Insurance Claim Denial?

If you or the other driver in a car accident uses Liberty Mutual car insurance, the company may be responsible for paying out money for a resulting claim. Whether the accident is covered will depend on the insurance policy, applicable coverage limits, and many other factors. However, Liberty Mutual may deny the claim even if it knows that it should be approved.

An insurance claim denial occurs when the insurer refuses to pay for your damages. This may happen whether it is your insurance company or it represents the driver who caused the accident. Any denial could impact your rights, your health, and your finances. Our accident attorneys know how to fight back against insurance claim denials and pursue the compensation you deserve.

2. How Does Liberty Mutual Try To Deny Claims?

Liberty Mutual uses several tactics to deny claims or reduce the amount it pays out in a claim, including:

  • Delaying the investigation into the accident in the hopes that doing so will reduce the payout
  • Defending its driver by claiming you were responsible for the accident, wholly or in part
  • Making a unfairly low settlement offer in the hope that you will accept it without thinking about it
  • Delaying payment to wear you down or induce you to accept a lower settlement amount
  • Alleging that you failed to make payments or are not covered because of some act you did or did not do
  • Arguing that the accident does not fall under the insurance policy, despite obvious coverage

Liberty Mutual sometimes denies claims in the hope that individual victims won’t fight back, taking advantage of your stress and harm after a catastrophic accident. Our attorneys know all of these tactics and how to combat them.

3. What If the Other Driver Doesn’t Have Car Insurance?

All too often, the other driver does not have car insurance, and you are stuck dealing with your own insurance company. This is when underinsured/uninsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage from Liberty Mutual might kick in. This coverage you pay for helps compensate you when the other driver’s insurance coverage is insufficient to cover all of your damages.

Liberty Mutual and many insurance companies offer UM/UIM coverage but then fight hard to avoid paying out when they should. This is a common cost-saving tactic the insurance company uses to try to take advantage of you. There are steps you and your attorney can take to fight back against this tactic.

4. Can I Sue Liberty Mutual for Denying My Auto Accident Claim?

You can sue Liberty Mutual when it unfairly denies your car accident insurance claim. Insurance companies know they can take advantage of many people, but they also know they risk a lawsuit by doing so. The company often takes a chance that you will agree to a low settlement or not fight back. With the help of an auto insurance attorney, you can hold Liberty Mutual responsible for its actions and seek the compensation you deserve.

5. How To Respond to a Liberty Mutual Insurance Claim Denial

If a driver covered by Liberty Mutual hurt you, or you have a Liberty Mutual policy that was denied, we can help you take the steps to get the coverage you need. These steps can help you be ready to fight back:

  • Provide necessary information: Provide Liberty Mutual with the information it requests to process your claim. The company may want to know your insurance coverage, name, and contact information. Be forthcoming with these types of details to help move the process along.
  • Do not admit fault: Never admit fault of any kind for the accident. Insurance adjusters are trained to trick you into admitting you were at fault for the accident or taking at least some of the blame. They do this to reduce or eliminate their need to pay out for your claim.
  • Keep detailed records: Keep notes and records of any communications with Liberty Mutual. Keep a copy of all emails, letters, or other correspondence. If you speak with the company on the phone, write detailed notes, including the date, time, and what was discussed.
  • Collect evidence: If possible, take photographs and videos of the accident. Keep detailed medical records and any damage to your physical property, such as your car. This may be essential evidence in your auto accident claim.

6. Should I Speak With an Attorney After Liberty Mutual Denies My Claim?

You should immediately contact a personal injury attorney if Liberty Mutual denies your claim. The longer you delay, the more likely the insurer’s tactics will work against you. At Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers, we are extremely familiar with how Liberty Mutual operates and how to fight back against its unfair tactics. We work in your best interests to get you the compensation you deserve.

We can help by first sending a demand letter but can take further steps if Liberty Mutual continues to deny your claim. Our lawyers have your best interests in mind.

Speak With an Attorney After Liberty Mutual Denies Your Claim

Liberty Mutual has quite a reputation for denying valid claims. We’re familiar with this and understand how to help you fight against its unfair practices. The experienced Texas & Louisiana car accident attorneys at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers are here to represent you. Our team understands what you are going through and how to help. As Louisiana’s highest-rated personal injury attorneys, we get real results for our clients and will work to do the same for you.

For help with your Liberty Mutual insurance denial claim, contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you.

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