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The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office is suing a man and his insurer, seeking to recover the full value of a police cruiser that was damaged in an accident. According to the suit, last year this man crashed into a vehicle belonging to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. The accident is being blamed on the man’s reckless driving, and his insurance company is being said to have held back full compensation for the damages sustained. Specifically, the defendant allegedly drove at high speeds, ran through a stoplight, and was oblivious to the new police cruiser he ended up ramming into. The claim is seeking to recover the full amount of damage: $29,159.

As much as you may be owed compensation after an accident caused by an obviously negligent driver, someone who was totally disregarding the laws of the road, an insurance company can be loath to part with the full compensation you truly deserve. You should not have to settle for a ridiculously low offer, however, and you should not have to put up with insurance bad faith. If you need to collect full compensation after a car accident, having an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side can help you successfully negotiate with an insurer. In some cases though, you will further need an attorney to help you win compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

Learn how much you are entitled to in compensation when you contact Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers. Our team of experienced Shreveport personal injury lawyers may be able to help you further obtain this full compensation that you are owed. We are equipped with the knowledge and passion to go toe-to-toe with any insurance company to vigorously protect our clients’ rights. Find out how our decades of experience could be put to use securing you the compensation that you deserve.

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