Mainstage v10 img 1 deaths caused by negligence are heartbreaking and traumatic. Whenever careless or reckless actions rob you of a loved one, you deserve justice. You can get the help you need to obtain that justice from an experienced ruston wrongful death lawyer at morris & dewett injury lawyers.


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Deaths caused by negligence are heartbreaking and traumatic. Whenever careless or reckless actions rob you of a loved one, you deserve justice. You can get the help you need to obtain that justice from an experienced Ruston wrongful death lawyer at Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers.

With decades of experience fighting for the victims of negligence, we know how to win when it matters most. Our dedicated attorneys can make negligent parties pay for the harm they’ve caused, and we are skilled at helping people just like you navigate the path to compensation and justice.

If your loved one was killed by some type of negligence, now’s the time to find out about your options for justice. We are here for you 24/7, ready to help now.

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Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers has successfully resolved many wrongful death cases,

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What Is Wrongful Death?

Any death resulting from negligence is a wrongful death. It does not matter whether the negligent, life-ending act was intentional or accidental. If some party has failed to exercise a necessary duty of care and that failure causes a wrongful death, surviving loved ones — like spouses, children, and parents — can sue the negligent party.

In many cases, wrongful death is caused by an accident, the most common of which are described below. Keep in mind, however, that wrongful death can also result from deadly exposures, like asbestos exposure.

Deadly Traffic Accidents

At least 106 people are killed in traffic accidents every day (source: NHTSA). More than 9 in every 10 of those deadly car crashes, 18-wheeler wrecks, bus accidents, and other traffic collisions are caused by human choices and errors (source: NHTSA). Those errors include:

Of course, drivers are just one party that can be responsible for fatal motor vehicle accidents. Equipment failures, unsafe road conditions, and several other factors can also contribute to wrongful deaths on the roads.
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Fatal Accidents Caused by Deadly Products

The items you use at home, at work, or on the road are not always safe and reliable. In fact, when manufacturers cut corners or hide product risks, their dangerous items can cause fatal accidents and injuries. Those items can include (and may not be limited to):
  • Consumer products:
    Toys, appliances, and furniture can be deadly when manufacturers omit warnings, use toxic materials, or fail to test product safety before bringing items to market.
  • Vehicle parts:
    Brakes, tires, ignition systems, and batteries are just some auto parts that have been recalled over the years due to design flaws and other problems.
  • Industrial equipment:
    This can include heavy machinery and safety equipment. These failures can result from inherent product flaws and failures to maintain equipment.
Manufacturers, distributors, and others can be liable for the wrongful deaths resulting from their defective or faulty products.

Deadly Accidents or Exposures at Dangerous Properties

Grocery stores, work, school, restaurants, and other places you routinely visit can be far riskier than you realize. In fact, when properties are not safely developed or properly maintained, they can hold hidden dangers that may turn deadly. Those dangers could include:
Property owners, building managers, and landlords can be among the liable parties when dangerous properties become the sites of fatal accidents.

Fatal Work Accidents

Every day, about 15 people are killed in work accidents (source: BLS). Most often, these fatal work accidents involve (sources: OSHA & BLS):
  • Falls:
    Falling from an elevation and at the same level is the leading cause of deadly work accidents. Tragically, these falls have been increasing in recent years, surging by nearly 23% since 2018 (source: BLS).
  • Motor vehicle crashes:
    Traffic collisions are another common cause of work-related deaths, particularly for commercial drivers, like truckers and delivery drivers.
  • Workers with high-risk jobs:
    Construction, logging, roofing, and fishing are some of the deadliest industries for workers.

Who Can I Sue After a Wrongful Death?

You may be able to sue all of the parties whose negligence contributed to the wrongful death. To figure out who those parties may be, you will need to answer questions like the following first:
Talking to a lawyer as you answer these questions can be incredibly helpful in determining who to sue over a wrongful death.

How Does a Wrongful Death Case Work?

The accident and negligent parties involved can impact how wrongful death cases proceed. This is another question to discuss with a lawyer, after explaining the details of your situation. Nevertheless, here are some key things you should understand about Ruston wrongful death cases:
  • Louisiana law gives you one year to file a wrongful death claim in Ruston. That’s one year from the date of death.
  • Insurance companies are often key players in wrongful death cases. And they will not be on your side if you file a case. Instead, insurance companies will be trying to avoid paying you. That’s a major reason to get a Ruston wrongful death lawyer in your corner.
  • Perfectly valid wrongful death cases can still be an uphill battle for families. It’s not uncommon for surviving loved ones to get the runaround or face difficult challenges in trying to get justice.
  • You may only have one chance to get the justice you may deserve.
Given everything that can be riding on wrongful death cases, it’s critical to partner with an attorney who can build you a stronger, persuasive case. At Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers, our Ruston attorneys are skilled at handling all types of wrongful death claims and going up against any opponent, in or outside the courtroom.

When Should I Talk to a Ruston Wrongful Death Lawyer?

ASAP. If you think you have a case, it’s best to contact a lawyer as soon as you can because:
  • There’s limited time to pursue wrongful death cases in Louisiana.
  • Evidence will not be available forever.
  • The negligent parties could already be working to defend against your claim.
By talking to an attorney ASAP, you can get a clear idea of your options and how to proceed with a wrongful death claim. You can also get invaluable assistance with the nuances and finer points of your case, from deadlines and court documents to insurance company negotiations and more. All of that can be the key to successful resolutions for wrongful death cases.

What Is Included in Wrongful Death Compensation?

The nature of the losses and suffering involved in a given case will impact the compensation available for a given claim. That said, many wrongful death cases provide compensation for damages like (but not limited to):
This type of compensation will never bring back a loved one or erase the trauma caused by their death. It can, however, help you start to pick up the pieces and give you the space to grieve. At Morris & Dewett Injury Lawyers, our Ruston wrongful death lawyers have a record of winning sizeable settlements and awards, and we know how critical it can be to obtain compensation after you’ve suddenly lost a loved one. We are the team you can trust when it’s time to get justice.
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A Ruston Wrongful Death Lawyer Is Ready to Help You

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