Trey justin hero edit speeding — the act of exceeding the speed limit — is the leading driver mistake that leads to deadly car accidents in louisiana, texas, and throughout the u. S. According to the national highway traffic safety administration, an estimated 31,720 people died in car wrecks from january to september 2021, an increase of 12% from the 28,325 fatalities for the first nine months of 2020. This is extremely alarming since 31,720 is the highest number of deaths of any year since 2006.


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Speeding — the act of exceeding the speed limit — is the leading driver mistake that leads to deadly car accidents in Louisiana, Texas, and throughout the U.S. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an estimated 31,720 people died in car wrecks from January to September 2021, an increase of 12% from the 28,325 fatalities for the first nine months of 2020. This is extremely alarming since 31,720 is the highest number of deaths of any year since 2006.

Given these statistics, it’s clear you need to be on the lookout for speeding at all times. Read on to learn how speeding causes car wrecks, how you can confirm if speeding caused your automobile accident, and who you can sue after a speeding accident. We’ll also cover how experienced Shreveport speeding accident attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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How Does Speeding Cause Car Wrecks?

Speeding causes car wrecks because drivers create road hazards when they speed. These hazards include:
Mirror view of speeding car
Slower reaction times
When drivers are speeding, they have less time to react and respond to their driving environments. As a result, they’re more likely to miss important signs and signals, such as blinking lights and yield signs, until it’s too late.
Losing control over their cars
The faster you drive, the easier it is to lose control over your vehicle. This is particularly true when you’re:
    • Driving at night, since it’s harder to see what’s in front of you
    • Making sudden movements, such as changing lanes and maneuvering around curves
    • Driving on the highway or freeway
Mechanical failures
High speeds can also put a lot of stress on your car’s systems and equipment. This, in turn, can increase the risk of equipment failure while driving, especially for vital car parts such as tires and brakes. If these critical components break or wear down while speeding, you can easily lose control of your car and crash into other automobiles and road features such as fences and curbs.
Longer stopping distances
The faster your car travels, the more room it needs to come to a complete stop. You can cause serious wrecks if you don’t leave enough room to come to a full stop or fail to break earlier than usual.
Less effective vehicle safety equipment
Airbags and seatbelts may be less effective at preventing injuries when you’re speeding since vehicles are more likely to be crushed in high-speed auto accidents.
Less effective road safety structures
Speeding reduces the ability of crash cushions, guardrails, impact attenuators, concrete barriers, and median dividers to protect car occupants in an accident.
Exponentially higher crash energy
The faster you drive, the higher the crash energy will be. For example, if impact speed increases from 40 to 60 miles per hour (which is a 50 percent increase), the energy that you need to manage will increase by a whopping 125 percent. This means that speeding accidents are much more likely to cause severe life-altering injuries and even death.

What Causes Speeding?

There are many reasons why motorists go over the speed limit, including:
  • Driver distractions
  • Drowsiness or fatigue
  • Road rage
  • Anxiety about being late for something
  • Driver intoxication
  • Traffic congestion
  • Boredom — some drivers find it exciting to drive above the speed limit
Traffic accident resulting in a crushed cars

How Can I Know If Speeding Caused My Car Accident?

If you’ve been hit by a car, knowing whether speeding caused or contributed to your car accident will help you advance your case. It will also help you figure out who you can sue for damages.

To confirm that speeding caused or contributed to your car crash, you should:

Hire accident reconstructionists to conduct a car accident investigation.

These experts will look at the points of impact, vehicle speed, and other factors to determine whether speeding contributed to or caused the crash. They will also:
  • 1
    Review relevant traffic collision reports, witness statements, deposition transcripts, published studies, and other documents to determine who is at fault and what exactly happened
  • 2
    Analyze victims’ medical records to see if the injuries are consistent with the other evidence
  • 3
    Analyze car crash and accident site images

Partner with a Shreveport speeding accident attorney.

With an experienced Shreveport personal injury lawyer, you’ll be able to pursue the financial recovery and justice to which you’re entitled. Not only will your lawyer walk you through the process of filing a claim, but they will also defend your case in court by looking at the following evidence:
  • 1
    Witness statements
  • 2
    Photos of the accident scene
  • 3
    Tire tread marks on the road
  • 4
    Citations and reports issued by law enforcement
  • 5
    Video recordings of the accident scene and accident

Who Can I Sue After a Speeding Accident?

Depending on how your car wreck occurred, the available evidence, and who was involved, you may be able to sue the speeding driver or drivers.

You may also be able to sue other parties, such as:

  • Any entity responsible for keeping the roads safe, such as the government. For example, you can sue the city for failing to:
  • Motor carriers, if speeding truckers were involved in the crash
  • Automobile equipment makers if mechanical failures caused or contributed to the accident
To find out who you can sue for compensation, talk to a knowledgeable Shreveport speeding accident lawyer. They will explain how to proceed during a free confidential consultation.

Partner with a Five-Star Shreveport Speeding Accident Lawyer

Speeding is one of the most dangerous driving habits that a driver can have. You need to avoid speeding yourself and should also try to avoid speeding drivers by changing lanes when it’s safe to do so.

If you or a loved one have been injured by a speeding accident, reach out to a five-star Shreveport speeding accident lawyer today. They will file and defend your claim to help you get the compensation you deserve.

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