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a hand outward in front of the camera with the word stop written in permanent marker

What Is Considered Sexual Abuse in Texas?

AnswersLegal ProcessTexasSexual Abuse
Understanding sexual abuse in Texas can help you protect your legal rights. If you or someone you know is a sexual abuse victim, there are ways to protect yourself and...
a graphic of a contract with the word waiver underlined in red

What Is a Texas Worker’s Comp Waiver Form?

AnswersOn The JobTexasWaiver FormWorkers Comp
Navigating Texas worker's comp can be fraught with difficulty. State laws confuse the process, and claims are frequently denied or underpaid. Employees may be better served by signing a worker's...
a had palm outward symbolizing the stop violence against women

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Sexual Abuse in Texas?

AnswersLegal ProcessTexasSexual AbuseStatute of Limitations
Sexual abuse is one of the most tragic crimes, whether it occurred to you as an adult or as a child. The damage done to you and others can include...
a five year old child sitting in a child restraint seat in texas

What Are the Childseat and Restraint Laws in Texas?

ChildrenLegal ProcessTexasChildseat
In Texas, some type of restraint in the car is required of all children under 17 years old. These restraints change (and lessen) with age. If you have a child...
hurricane evacuation route sign on a highway

Time Limits For a Hurricane Damage Claim in Texas?

If you live in Texas, you know the damage a hurricane can cause. As hurricane season approaches each year, the risk of severe property damage increases. Part of your preparation...
school children offloading from a school bus safe because of texas laws

Does Texas Require Drivers To Stop for School Buses?

AnswersHighway SafetyMotor VehicleTexasSchool Bus
Without thinking, we entrust school bus drivers with our children’s well-being and believe that the bus driver, the bus manufacturer, the school, and other drivers will follow through with their...

Texas Truck Insurance Requirements

Collisions with commercial trucks usually cause extensive injuries to the drivers of other vehicles. Texas state laws require commercial trucks to take out insurance coverage to help compensate people who...

Texas Penal Code for Accidents Involving Injury

It’s an all-too-frequent sight at a roadside accident. A driver hits another car, pauses, then speeds away from the scene. Maybe you have been the victim or even the perpetrator...

Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement Process in Texas

The cost of a motor vehicle accident in Texas can easily stretch into hundreds of thousands of dollars. The accident itself may be over in a split second, but the...

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