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a cruise ship sailing in the open ocean

Injury on a Ship at Sea

AnswersLegal ProcessMaritime
Accidents can happen anywhere, even on ships on the sea. But in these cases, who is liable for your injuries? Keep reading to learn what the law says about injuries...

What Percentage Do Lawyers Receive in a Settlement?

AnswersLegal ProcessContingencySettlement
(Note: The following article is about general fee structure for various cases. Each state may have laws governing the maximum amount an attorney may charge for contingency and under what...
a dictionary style entry describing the legal term force majeure

What Is Force Majeure in an Insurance Contract?

AnswersLegal ProcessForce MajeureInsurance Contract
You take out insurance coverage to protect yourself from foreseeable bad events. For example, when you buy car insurance, the insurance company understands that you may crash your vehicle in...
a hand outward in front of the camera with the word stop written in permanent marker

What Is Considered Sexual Abuse in Texas?

AnswersLegal ProcessTexasSexual Abuse
Understanding sexual abuse in Texas can help you protect your legal rights. If you or someone you know is a sexual abuse victim, there are ways to protect yourself and...
a hand outward in front of the camera with the word stop written in permanent marker

What Is Considered Sexual Abuse in Louisiana?

AnswersInjuriesLegal ProcessLouisianaSexual Abuse
Sexual abuse is highly traumatizing for victims. It can include several types of conduct, including unwanted touching, sexual advances, and much more. Sexual abuse in Louisiana is also a crime,...

What Is a Mass Tort?

AnswersLegal ProcessMass Tort
A mass tort case handles many plaintiffs who suffered similar injuries from the same circumstance or incident. It can cover a few dozen to tens of thousands of plaintiffs in...
a had palm outward symbolizing the stop violence against women

What Is the Statute of Limitations for Sexual Abuse in Texas?

AnswersLegal ProcessTexasSexual AbuseStatute of Limitations
Sexual abuse is one of the most tragic crimes, whether it occurred to you as an adult or as a child. The damage done to you and others can include...
motorcycle helmet hanging off the handles of a parked motorcycle

Motorcycle Accident But No Helmet

Highway SafetyLegal ProcessHelmetMotorcycle
Universal helmet laws, which require both riders and passengers to wear helmets while operating or riding a motorcycle, have been shown to prevent severe injury and death in cases of...
a young girl sitting in a childseat in louisiana

What are the Childseat and Restraint Laws in Louisiana?

ChildrenLegal ProcessLouisianaChildseat
What Does Louisiana Law Say About Child Seats and Restraints? Louisiana’s law about child seats in cars is RS 32:295 “child passenger restraint system”. The law requires all persons under...
a five year old child sitting in a child restraint seat in texas

What Are the Childseat and Restraint Laws in Texas?

ChildrenLegal ProcessTexasChildseat
In Texas, some type of restraint in the car is required of all children under 17 years old. These restraints change (and lessen) with age. If you have a child...

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