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two automobiles in a head on collision for an automobile accident fatality blog

How Many Deaths From Automobile Accidents?

AnswersMotor VehicleAutomobile AccidentsFatalities
It's not surprising that automobile accidents happen every day in the U.S. However, it's staggering to know that between 1913 and 2021, the number of automobile accident fatalities skyrocketed by 1,018%, from...
a black and a gray car wrecked from a head on collision

What Are the Most Common Injuries From Head on Collisions?

AnswersHighway SafetyMotor VehicleCar AccidentCommon Injurieshead on collision
Car accidents are deadly. Especially head-on collisions when the force of impact is tremendous. In the cases where this type of accident isn’t fatal, the injuries can be life-changing. In...
photo of a white motorcycle helmet laying on a paved road after an accident

What Are the Most Common Injuries Sustained in Motorcycle Accidents?

AnswersMotor VehicleCommon InjuriesMotorcycleMotorcycle AccidentMotorcycle Injuries
Motorcycle accidents occur for different reasons, with varying degrees of impact. Some have more severe adverse effects than others. Sometimes, the negligence of motorists causes motorcycle accidents, and other times...
a wrecked red vehicle after a major accident being hauled away because of severe damage

What Are the Psychological Effects of a Serious Vehicle Accident?

AnswersMedicalMotor VehicleAcute Stress DisorderMental HealthPsychology
Survivors of serious motor vehicle accidents often suffer from psychological damage, particularly if a crash was especially violent or a death was involved. Drivers, passengers, and even witnesses can develop...
a graphic of a red vehicle using a lane departure system to stay in the proper lane to avoid accidents

What are lane departure systems?

AnswersHighway SafetyMotor VehicleLane Departure System
Reducing the number and severity of accidents on the road is one of the biggest goals of automakers. As such, many have sought to differentiate their brands by offering a...
a person is trapped in a vehicle and firefighters and emergency personnel are extracting them

Anxiety After Being Trapped in a Wrecked Vehicle?

Motor VehicleAnxietyMental HealthTrauma
Involvement in a traumatic event like a motor vehicle accident can cause fear and anxiety. The thought of being on the road again may seem overwhelming, especially if you were...
a rideshare pick-up zone sign at a place of business

Liability in Car Accidents Involving Uber and Lyft

Motor VehicleRideshare
Getting involved in a car accident can be a traumatizing and potentially catastrophic experience. It can be relatively simple to know what to do when you are behind the wheel: you make...
aftermath of a t-bone car accident on a street

What Are the Most Common Injuries From T-bone Accidents?

InjuriesMotor VehicleT-Bone Collision
T-bone accidents occur in motor vehicle collisions that impact the side of a vehicle. They can lead to devastating injuries that break bones, damage the spine, or even cause the...
a child sitting in a chair in front of a female psychiatrist discussing post car accident issues

What Are The Psychological Effects of Car Accidents on Children?

ChildrenMotor VehiclePsychology
Getting in a car accident can be a traumatic experience for any adult, let alone a child who may not be able to understand the extent of the situation fully. As...
a mobile phone with a graphic stating car insurance

If my car is totaled, will insurance pay it off?

InsuranceMotor VehicleGap CoveragePay OffTotaled Car
may wonder what to expect when your car is totaled. This happens when the cost to repair a vehicle exceeds the amount it was worth prior to any damage. The...

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