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Big Trucks on I-20 are Breaking the Law

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You’ve probably seen – and gotten stuck in – the construction traffic on I-20 in Bossier. You’ve probably also seen the big trucks and 18-wheelers squeezing into the lane in...
a hand outward in front of the camera with the word stop written in permanent marker

What Is Considered Sexual Abuse in Louisiana?

AnswersInjuriesLegal ProcessLouisianaSexual Abuse
Sexual abuse is highly traumatizing for victims. It can include several types of conduct, including unwanted touching, sexual advances, and much more. Sexual abuse in Louisiana is also a crime,...
silhouette of a woman sitting against a window symbolizing the trauma of sexual abuse

Louisiana Sexual Abuse Statutes of Limitations?

InjuriesLouisianaSexual AbuseStatute of Limitations
Sexual abuse in Louisiana can take a severe toll on its victims. This is true if you suffered an attack as an adult or as a child. What you have...
a young girl sitting in a childseat in louisiana

What are the Childseat and Restraint Laws in Louisiana?

ChildrenLegal ProcessLouisianaChildseat
What Does Louisiana Law Say About Child Seats and Restraints? Louisiana’s law about child seats in cars is RS 32:295 “child passenger restraint system”. The law requires all persons under...
a top down view of a hurricane over the open ocean

Time Limits For Hurricane Damage Claim in Louisiana?

Louisiana residents know all too well the damage a hurricane can do. These powerful storms seem to happen more often and do more damage than ever before. You could be...
the rear view of a of school bus on the highway in louisiana

Does Louisiana Require Drivers To Stop for School Buses?

ChildrenHighway SafetyLouisianaSchool Bus
Children, unlike adults, are not overly concerned about their safety. This is why Louisiana laws seek to protect schoolchildren from danger and keep school zones as safe as possible. We...

Atchafalaya Basin Bridge and I-10 Risks and History

AnswersHighway SafetyLouisianaAtchafalaya
The Atchafalaya Basin Bridge in Louisiana is known as a hotbed of accidents. To reduce the frequency of accidents, Louisiana designated the bridge as a highway safety corridor, which means...

What Is First Degree Vehicular Negligent Injury in Louisiana?

When someone's negligence causes a vehicular crash, the person who suffered bodily injury or property damage can recover compensation from the negligent party under Louisiana laws. However, certain conditions can...

What Are the “No Pay, No Play” Rules in Louisiana?

The state of Louisiana requires all motorists to have valid driving licenses in order to operate motor vehicles. In addition to that, motorists must also have a valid auto insurance...

Motor Vehicle Accident Statute of Limitations in Texas

If you or someone you care about has sustained injuries, and you believe someone else is to blame, you may be eligible for compensation. However, you must act fast if...

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