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a motorcycle, blue, on a white shield with hands covering them symbolizing motorcycle insurance

Is Motorcycle Insurance Separate From Car Insurance?

Nearly every state in the United States mandates motorcyclists to have insurance coverage. If you are a motorcyclist, you must show proof of insurance policy when registering your motorcycle before you...
a mobile phone with a graphic stating car insurance

If my car is totaled, will insurance pay it off?

InsuranceMotor VehicleGap CoveragePay OffTotaled Car
may wonder what to expect when your car is totaled. This happens when the cost to repair a vehicle exceeds the amount it was worth prior to any damage. The...
hurricane evacuation route sign on a highway

Time Limits For a Hurricane Damage Claim in Texas?

If you live in Texas, you know the damage a hurricane can cause. As hurricane season approaches each year, the risk of severe property damage increases. Part of your preparation...
a top down view of a hurricane over the open ocean

Time Limits For Hurricane Damage Claim in Louisiana?

Louisiana residents know all too well the damage a hurricane can do. These powerful storms seem to happen more often and do more damage than ever before. You could be...

What Is Personal Injury Protection Insurance?

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance is a type of auto insurance coverage that is designed to give people financial protection in the event of a car accident. While PIP insurance...

What Is a Diminished Value Claim?

In the days following an accident, when you are calculating the monetary impact that the accident will have on your short- and long-term finances, you may fail to consider the...

What Is a Bad Faith Insurance Claim

When you sign an insurance policy, you create a contract between yourself and the insurance company. You agree to make your insurance payments on time and follow the requirements for...

Frequently Asked Questions on Different Types of Car Insurance

Navigating the world of auto insurance for the first time can be challenging. Car insurance providers offer different types of car insurance with various levels of coverage. If you only...

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