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How Many Deaths From Automobile Accidents?

AnswersMotor VehicleAutomobile AccidentsFatalities
It's not surprising that automobile accidents happen every day in the U.S. However, it's staggering to know that between 1913 and 2021, the number of automobile accident fatalities skyrocketed by 1,018%, from...
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Injury on a Ship at Sea

AnswersLegal ProcessMaritime
Accidents can happen anywhere, even on ships on the sea. But in these cases, who is liable for your injuries? Keep reading to learn what the law says about injuries...
Container ship business freight import export logistic

Injured in International Waters?

AnswersMaritimeInternational WatersJurisdiction
Workers in international waters might feel unprotected in case of an accident, but that is not necessarily the case. This guide looks at the legal intricacies of international waters and...

What Percentage Do Lawyers Receive in a Settlement?

AnswersLegal ProcessContingencySettlement
(Note: The following article is about general fee structure for various cases. Each state may have laws governing the maximum amount an attorney may charge for contingency and under what...
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What Qualifies as a Catastrophic Injury?

AnswersInjuriesCatastrophic Injury
Catastrophic injuries are just what they sound like - injuries that have catastrophic consequences on a person’s life. But if we want to get specific about it, knowing what does...
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What is the Jones Act?

AnswersMaritimeJones Act
With extensive coasts on the Gulf of Mexico, it is no surprise that both Louisiana and Texas have an extensive offshore workforce. However, what happens when these seafarers get injured?...
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What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

Being involved in an accident can be a truly traumatizing experience, even if you are lucky enough to walk away without any major bodily injuries. While a bone fracture or a burn...
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What Is Force Majeure in an Insurance Contract?

AnswersLegal ProcessForce MajeureInsurance Contract
You take out insurance coverage to protect yourself from foreseeable bad events. For example, when you buy car insurance, the insurance company understands that you may crash your vehicle in...
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What Is Considered Sexual Abuse in Texas?

AnswersLegal ProcessTexasSexual Abuse
Understanding sexual abuse in Texas can help you protect your legal rights. If you or someone you know is a sexual abuse victim, there are ways to protect yourself and...
a hand outward in front of the camera with the word stop written in permanent marker

What Is Considered Sexual Abuse in Louisiana?

AnswersInjuriesLegal ProcessLouisianaSexual Abuse
Sexual abuse is highly traumatizing for victims. It can include several types of conduct, including unwanted touching, sexual advances, and much more. Sexual abuse in Louisiana is also a crime,...
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What Is a Texas Worker’s Comp Waiver Form?

AnswersOn The JobTexasWaiver FormWorkers Comp
Navigating Texas worker's comp can be fraught with difficulty. State laws confuse the process, and claims are frequently denied or underpaid. Employees may be better served by signing a worker's...

What Is a Mass Tort?

AnswersLegal ProcessMass Tort
A mass tort case handles many plaintiffs who suffered similar injuries from the same circumstance or incident. It can cover a few dozen to tens of thousands of plaintiffs in...
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What Is a Jones Act Vessel?

AnswersMaritimeJones Act
If you were injured while working on a boat or similar vessel, you may recover compensation for your injuries under the Jones Act. However, there are strict requirements you must...
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What Is the Statute of Limitations for Sexual Abuse in Texas?

AnswersLegal ProcessTexasSexual AbuseStatute of Limitations
Sexual abuse is one of the most tragic crimes, whether it occurred to you as an adult or as a child. The damage done to you and others can include...
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What Are the Risks of Persistent Headache After an Accident?

AnswersMedicalAccidentPersistent Headache
Motor vehicle crashes, sports injuries, occupational accidents, assaults, and falls may result in concussions, a type of head injury that causes bruising of the brain. Concussions are also known as...
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What are the risks of fracking on your property?

AnswersIndustrialPropertyFrackingOil and Gas
Hydraulic fracturing, more commonly known as fracking, is an unconventional way of extracting oil from the ground for commercial purposes. This technique blasts water, sand, and chemicals into the bedrock...
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What Are the Risks of Nerve Damage?

AnswersMedicalNerve DamageRisk
Nerve damage, or peripheral neuropathy, affects 2.4% of people worldwide and carries a number of long-term risks, including burns, falls, foot wounds, infection, sepsis, and amputation if left untreated. Early...
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What Are the Most Common Industrial Accidents?

AnswersIndustrialOn The JobIndustrial Accidents
Employers have a responsibility to protect workers from harm while in their employment. Failure to do so leaves the employer open to liability for any injuries that occur. Many common...