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Medical staff helping asian patient with neck brace removing cervical neck collar after injury accident during consultation.

Recovery Time for a Broken Neck?

What Is the Recovery Time for a Broken Neck? A broken neck can cause excruciating pain and alter your life permanently. We answered the most common questions about dealing with...
X-ray of the head and brain of a person

Long-Term Complications From a TBI

AnswersInjuriesMedicalTBITraumatic Brain Injury
What Are the Long-Term Complications From a Traumatic Brain Injury? Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) that are the result of motor vehicle accidents, falls, sports injuries, military combat, or assaults can...
a photo of a serious car accident leading to a catastrophic injury

What Qualifies as a Catastrophic Injury?

AnswersInjuriesCatastrophic Injury
Catastrophic injuries are just what they sound like - injuries that have catastrophic consequences on a person’s life. But if we want to get specific about it, knowing what does...
a graphic design of a brain made of words connected with PTSD, or post traumatic stress disorder

What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)?

Being involved in an accident can be a truly traumatizing experience, even if you are lucky enough to walk away without any major bodily injuries. While a bone fracture or a burn...
a hand outward in front of the camera with the word stop written in permanent marker

What Is Considered Sexual Abuse in Louisiana?

AnswersInjuriesLegal ProcessLouisianaSexual Abuse
Sexual abuse is highly traumatizing for victims. It can include several types of conduct, including unwanted touching, sexual advances, and much more. Sexual abuse in Louisiana is also a crime,...
a photo of an athlete stretching out their leg with the knee bones highlighted with a graphical overlay

What Are the Risks From a Shattered Knee Injury?

AnswersInjuriesKnee Injury
A person's ability to walk, run, crouch, and jump are all dependent on healthy, functioning knees. A shattered knee injury can cause significant pain, and you may need extensive medical...
mri image of a broken collarbone with the break highlighted in red

What Are the Risks From a Broken Collarbone Injury?

AnswersInjuriesBroken Collar Bone
A broken collarbone is a very common injury, but one that carries risks to your health. These breaks are common in car accidents, slip-and-falls, and many work-related accidents. Others are...
a highlighted mri photo of a broken femur highlighted with red

What Are the Risks From a Broken Femur?

AnswersInjuriesBroken Femur
femur is the strongest bone in the human body, requiring considerable force to break. Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of broken femurs due to the violent movement the...

What Are the Risks From a Broken Neck?

AnswersInjuriesBroken Neck
Few injuries are as serious as a broken neck. A broken neck may occur after a very serious accident and lead to catastrophic injuries. These injuries and their complications can...
a graphic of a shirtless man's back with kidneys hghlighted in red

What Are the Risks From a Kidney Injury?

Trauma to the back, flank, or abdomen due to an accident or assault can cause serious injury to the kidneys. These types of injuries require medical intervention and potentially lead...

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