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Common Injuries

a black and a gray car wrecked from a head on collision

What Are the Most Common Injuries From Head on Collisions?

AnswersHighway SafetyMotor VehicleCar AccidentCommon Injurieshead on collision
Car accidents are deadly. Especially head-on collisions when the force of impact is tremendous. In the cases where this type of accident isn’t fatal, the injuries can be life-changing. In...
photo of a white motorcycle helmet laying on a paved road after an accident

What Are the Most Common Injuries Sustained in Motorcycle Accidents?

AnswersMotor VehicleCommon InjuriesMotorcycleMotorcycle AccidentMotorcycle Injuries
Motorcycle accidents occur for different reasons, with varying degrees of impact. Some have more severe adverse effects than others. Sometimes, the negligence of motorists causes motorcycle accidents, and other times...

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