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a cruise ship sailing in the open ocean

Injury on a Ship at Sea

AnswersLegal ProcessMaritime
Accidents can happen anywhere, even on ships on the sea. But in these cases, who is liable for your injuries? Keep reading to learn what the law says about injuries...
Container ship business freight import export logistic

Injured in International Waters?

AnswersMaritimeInternational WatersJurisdiction
Workers in international waters might feel unprotected in case of an accident, but that is not necessarily the case. This guide looks at the legal intricacies of international waters and...
a graphic with manilla folders, a gavel, and a piece of paper with Jones Act as the title

What is the Jones Act?

AnswersMaritimeJones Act
With extensive coasts on the Gulf of Mexico, it is no surprise that both Louisiana and Texas have an extensive offshore workforce. However, what happens when these seafarers get injured?...
a international waters cargo vessel full of containers at seas representign a jones act vessel

What Is a Jones Act Vessel?

AnswersMaritimeJones Act
If you were injured while working on a boat or similar vessel, you may recover compensation for your injuries under the Jones Act. However, there are strict requirements you must...
an offshore platform at sea representing the deepwater horizon

What happened at the Deepwater Horizon?

AnswersIndustrialMaritimeDeepwater HorizonOil and GasOil Rig Explosion
The Deepwater Horizon disaster of 2010 caused 134 million gallons of oil to pour into the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 people and injuring 17 more. It had devastating ecological...
a pair of maritime workers mooring a ship to a dock

Prone-to-Injury Maritime Jobs?

MaritimeOn The Job
As a maritime worker, you're exposed to more occupational risks than the average U.S. worker. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), workers in the maritime...
maritime worker touching a metal cable mooring on a ship at port

What Are the Most Common Accidents in the Maritime Industry?

MaritimeCommon Accidents
Maritime workers labor under difficult and dangerous working conditions, putting them at increased risk for severe injuries and death. The perfect storm for occupational accidents is the need to handle...
a law book being held may a man in a blue blazer with maritime law written on the cover

Does maritime law apply to oil and gas employees?

AnswersMaritimeOil and Gas
Yes, maritime law applies to some oil and gas employees. If you spend a decent amount of time on a vessel that moves, it applies. There are also some special...

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