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Oil and Gas

a well head on an open filed symbolizing fracking oil and gas on a property

What are the risks of fracking on your property?

AnswersIndustrialPropertyFrackingOil and GasRisk
Hydraulic fracturing, more commonly known as fracking, is an unconventional way of extracting oil from the ground for commercial purposes. This technique blasts water, sand, and chemicals into the bedrock...
an offshore platform at sea representing the deepwater horizon

What happened at the Deepwater Horizon?

AnswersIndustrialMaritimeDeepwater HorizonOil and GasOil Rig Explosion
The Deepwater Horizon disaster of 2010 caused 134 million gallons of oil to pour into the Gulf of Mexico, killing 11 people and injuring 17 more. It had devastating ecological...
a law book being held may a man in a blue blazer with maritime law written on the cover

Does maritime law apply to oil and gas employees?

AnswersMaritimeOil and Gas
Yes, maritime law applies to some oil and gas employees. If you spend a decent amount of time on a vessel that moves, it applies. There are also some special...
oil and gas head pumping

How Common Are Oil Field Explosions?

AnswersIndustrialBlowoutsExplosionsOil and Gas
Oil field explosions, whether onshore or offshore, are terrible accidents. Once the explosion happens, it is almost impossible to control the reaction. There's also a high likelihood of fatality or...

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