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a well head on an open filed symbolizing fracking oil and gas on a property

What are the risks of fracking on your property?

AnswersIndustrialPropertyFrackingOil and GasRisk
Hydraulic fracturing, more commonly known as fracking, is an unconventional way of extracting oil from the ground for commercial purposes. This technique blasts water, sand, and chemicals into the bedrock...
a graphic photo of a man with a highlighted brain and a red line running through it symbolizing nerve damage or issues

What Are the Risks of Nerve Damage?

AnswersMedicalNerve DamageRisk
Nerve damage, or peripheral neuropathy, affects 2.4% of people worldwide and carries a number of long-term risks, including burns, falls, foot wounds, infection, sepsis, and amputation if left untreated. Early...
a worker in a full biological hazard suit spraying anti-fungal spray to remediate black mold

What are the risks of black mold?

AnswersMedicalPropertyBlack MoldRisk
Black mold is a type of toxic mold that can cause a number of respiratory complications and allergic reactions in people in close contact with it. Although many types of...
a man sitting behind the steering wheel of a vehicle rubbing his face because he is drowsy and falling asleep

What Are the Risks of Drowsy Driving?

AnswersHighway SafetyDrowsy DrivingRisk
People who drive while they are sleepy put themselves and everyone around them at risk. In 2021, 683 people lost their lives because of drowsy driving. The average person knows that...
an x-ray image of a lower back with pins and screws in the vertebrae

What Are the Risks From a Broken Lower Back Injury?

AnswersInjuriesMedicalBroken BoneLower BackRisk
Lumbar fractures are most often an indicator of disease or the result of high-velocity trauma. Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and falls from great heights contribute to 150,000 spinal fractures each...
a main in a full leg brace and lower leg cast because of an accident

What Are the Risks From a Broken Lower Leg Injury?

AnswersInjuriesMedicalBroken BoneLower LegRisk
A broken lower leg injury commonly occurs after a serious motor vehicle accident, work accident, or even a sport-related injury. It can also happen from many other incidents as well....
young man holding a helmet and talking on his phone, sitting on his motorcycle

How Dangerous Is Owning a Motorcycle?

Motor VehicleMotorcycleRisk
Riding a motorcycle is undoubtedly dangerous. You face significant risks that other motor vehicle drivers do not. Your bike cannot protect you from the impact of another car. You are...

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